There are many different designs and types of window gravel guards. This hardware can be used on most removable gravel guards. The mounting holes may not align with the previous mounting holes.

The unused holes in the body can be filled with JB Weld Plastic Weld (Epoxy Putty) available at most hardware and home improvement stores.

Mix following the instructions, press into the hole and smooth the surface before the epoxy cures. No sanding should be needed

Some modification to the hangers may be needed, the hangers may be mounted on the front or the back side of the guards, the hanger bracket can also be bent to accommodate the required offset of the guard

We recommend that stainless steel fasteners to prevent galvanic corrosion, the latches use 5/32” diameter rivets or #8 machine screws. The hangers require either 3/16” rivets or #10 machine screws. An optional stainless steel rivet kit is available through Camping Treasures.
NOTE: the 3/16″ stainless steel rivets require a heavy duty rivet gun to set the rivet.