Thank you for purchasing your new jalousie window operator through camping treasures, this short video will walk you through the common steps to install your new window operator.


From the inside of your trailer first open the window.

Remove the crank handle

Next remove the screen, to remove the screen push up on the top of the screen frame, the screen should move up about ½”, then from the outside push in on the bottom of the screen frame until it clears the window and pull down

Remove the plastic screen trim on the inside of the window frame by pulling gently sideways towards the centre of the window opening and set aside


Remove both window panes by unscrewing the screws, 2 on each side of each window pane, securing the window pane to the side hinge assembly

Then gently pull each window frame out


With a small cut-off wheel on a Dremel or even side cutters cut through the small web on the aluminum frame between the hole the operator neck mounts through


With pliers bend the frame to form tabs with a gap between them large enough to slide the operator neck

Remove the fasteners that secure the window operator to the frame,  this can be the most difficult part, the fasteners could be screws or rivets and they could be mounted from the inside or the outside of the frame


Disengage the side hinge assembly from the window frame by pulling towards the centre of the window, it is held to the frame by 2 small aluminum dowels cast into the hinges that screw to the window panes.  Be careful not to damage or break these dowels


With a large screwdriver gently pry the window operator neck out through the slot in the frame then pull the operator and torque rod up along the channel


Reassemble by inserting the new window operator into the torque rod, and slide it back into position

Attach the operator back onto the window frame.

With pliers straighten out the tabs on the window frame,

Reinstall the side hinge assembly by inserting the small dowels on the cast window pane hinges through the frame

Install the window panes into the side hinge assembly and tighten the screws

From the inside insert the screen trim over the edge of the window frame, the cut area will be fully covered.

Reinstall the screen and the crank handle